6 Figure Promotions

[My Personal Process] How To Write 6 Figure Sales Letters With One Eye Closed (Proof Included)

I took out my phone. Punched some buttons.

And out came this message:

And I think it has some truth to it.

Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy are legends. And have very helpful resources (even for beginners). In fact… most high-level copywriting courses ($2000+) usually just rehash their information and sell it to you for a higher price.

But that’s neither here nor there.

What I want to talk about today is my direct response course:

How To Invent 6 Figure Direct Response
Promotions w/ One Eye Closed

What course?

The course that reveals my personal 3-part process (the one I “ethically” stole from a 8-figure marketer that I work closely with) for “inventing” and “creating” 6-7 figure marketing/copywriting promotions from scratch (step-by-step). The exact process I’ve used to sell hundreds of thousands worth of products and services.

“Wait… What?... Didn’t you just say we’d be better off learning copywriting from the legends instead of you? Why did you create this course then?!”

Yeah. I just said that.

And I meant it.

It’s true.

That’s why my course isn’t too focused on copywriting.

(If you want to learn copy I recommend learning from the legends above or checking out Nate’s Ecom Copy Crash Course - both are proven and I recommend em 100%.)


I ain’t got nothing to say about copywriting that hasn’t already been said before.

There’s no reason for me to charge you $$$’s for info you can already get.

Just the truth.

So if my course isn’t going to specifically teach you about copywriting--what the hell is it going to teach you?

Something BIGGER than copywriting.

Something MORE important.

Something I personally HAVEN’T seen laid out ever before (no BS):

My PERSONAL Step-By-Step Direct Response Marketing Process That You Can Use To “Invent” And “Write” 6 Figure Promotions From Scratch

For what?

Anything you’re selling.

I’ve personally used it to sell/blow up:

  • Supplements
  • Info products
  • SAAS companies
  • Personal brands
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Copywriting services
  • eCom companies
  • Affiliates
  • Digital agencies

Over the past 4 years...

And have pumped out mostly 6 figure promotions (a few 7 figure promos with this process for these clients/industries).

Now don’t get me wrong…

Copywriting is a skill you need to make this happen.

No doubt.

But once you follow this 3-part direct response process you’ll realize that it eliminates the need to spend years learning copywriting.

It makes copywriting simple and easy as can be. Because everything is laid out before you (and if you follow it step-by-step you’ll be able to write copy that converts quickly and without frustration).

So I haven’t invested too much time teaching you copywriting inside the course because you don’t really need to know that much to execute this process (I’ve given you all the copywriting game you need in a few modules).


I’ve Focused More On Blowing The Lid.
And Getting Personal.
Raw And Dirty.

Because you know what I don’t like?

When people sell you information but never prove to you that they actually use the information themselves.


I use this 3-part process daily to sell products and services for clients and for myself (my entire direct response marketing career is built on this).

And inside the course, I’ll prove it to you.

Because not only am I going to walk you through step-by-step the exact 3-part process I follow to move a ton of product, but I’m also going to share with you the exact piece of copy I wrote for 2 different direct response promotions:

1. A supplement I pitched for a client.

2. A pitch I wrote to sell my copywriting services (when I first got into the game).

Both these promotions pulled in 6 figures (profits).

And I’m going to dissect them step-by-step and show you exactly how I applied the 3-part process to write these promotions (and how you can too).

That alone will blow your mind.

But that’s just 1 of 3 bonuses that’ll come at the end of the course.

The heavy-hitting bulk of the course will teach you my personal 3-part direct response process in great detail (without any fluff):

Part 1: Moving Into Your Customers Head

Part 2: Turning Dirt Into Gold

Part 3: Giving Birth To A Larger Than Life Marketing Message

And like I just said, you’ll also receive 3 bonuses (that I believe are better than anything else you’ll ever lay eyes on).

Bonus 1: Step-By-Step Analysis Of Two 6 Figure Promotions I Wrote

Bonus 2: 100 Quick Hacks To Make Your Copy Convert (Crash Course)

Bonus 3: Cheat Sheet - How To Invent 6 Figure Marketing Promotions w/ One Eye Closed.

And you know what’s even better?

I’m Even Going To Invent A 6-Figure Direct Response Promotion From Scratch Inside The Course In Real-Time (And Show You How It’s Done Step-By-Step).

Why am I doing this?

Because I’m a selfish prick.

Let me explain:

I’m finally focusing on building out systems and processes instead of running around all day (for my digital agency).

So I’ve created this course to give to new employees (copywriters/marketers).

Because truthfully?

I’ve gone through a ton of copywriters/marketers.

And was always left fixing their copy/marketing material myself.

And grew tired from doing so.

So that’s why I’ve put together this course. To give them the game. Once and for all. So they can simply follow this process and make us the big bucks.

But what about you?

Don’t worry.

I haven’t forgot about you.

Like I promised you before, you can get this course too.

But you’ll have to cough up $$$’s because once you pay for something, you’ll actually apply it (I’ll make sure my employees apply it, but I don’t know if you will and I want you to win too--so that’s why I need you to part with some money).

How much money?

Not $2500. Not $2000. Not $1997.

Not $597.

Not $197.

Even though it’s worth 10x this.

(Note: This is a copywriting 101 trick right here. Never list your price up front--first list higher prices so when you reveal your price the reader has a higher price to compare it to and starts viewing your price as more affordable lol).

But for just $125.

But like I said before:

I don’t need your $.

So you have 2 ways to buy this course:

1. Pay me the $125 (click the enroll now button below).

2. Pay your favorite charity the $125 (and send me the receipt as proof of payment).

Either way I’ll give you full access to the course.

So if you're ready to receive the direct response marketing education of a lifetime and are ready to use this process to make the big bucks, then go ahead and hit the "Enroll Now" button below and I'll see you on the inside.

Your friend,


P.S. “I’m a dropshipper… I’m a freelance copywriter… I have a software company… I’m an affiliate marketer… I run an agency… I have a personal brand… I run niche sites… I do SEO… will I be able to apply this 3-part direct response process to market like a made man?”

If you run niche sites or do SEO, then no.

You won’t be (at least I haven’t done it).

But if you do anything else from the list above, you’ll be able to.

No doubt.

Because either I’ve done it myself (or helped a client do it).

Your Instructor

Tej Dosa
Tej Dosa

Hey You!

Want to know more about me?

And what gives me the right to teach this course?

Here's a small glimpse:

  • Built 2 six figure businesses by 24
  • Generated 6-7 figures in sales for clients in the following verticals (health/spirituality/dating/weight loss/MMO)
  • Ammassed 7 figures on paper (not in a single year. Over the span of years)
  • I've been in the entrepreneurial trenches since I was 12
  • Grew a blog from 0 to having loyal leaders from 75+ countries
  • My current businesses: 1) Dig Agency 2) R/E 3) eCom
  • I've started 10+ businesses. Failed 90% of the time.
  • Worked at McDonalds for 3 days (my only *real* job)

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get?
1) Step-by-step walk-through of my personal 3-step process (the one I *ethically* stole from a 8-figure marketer). 2) Watch me build a 6 figure promotion from scratch inside the course (step-by-step). 3) Access to two 6 figure promotions I wrote. 4) 100 Quick Hacks To Make Your Copy Convert (Crash Course) 5) The marketing education of a lifetime.
Does this 3-part marketing process work for any product?
Marketing is marketing. The process applies to everything you do. Fact. However, I’ve only applied this process to the following business models myself (excluding what I’ve done for clients): Marketing agency, E-commerce, Info products and Personal branding. And it works. Like gold. But will it work for drop shipping, affiliate marketing, niche websites? I’m not sure about niche websites (never used it or helped anyone use it). But it’ll definitely work for drop shipping. And affiliate marketing. I have a few clients in dropshipping/affiliate marketing who are using this process to make out like bandits. Note: In the conclusion section I’ll show you how you can apply this process for whatever business model you’re pursuing.
Do I need to have a product or service to sell?
No. (You can if you want to.) But when I say we're building a 6 figure promotion from scratch, I mean that. Product selection is a part of the course.
Should I just consume this course once?
No. Consume (skim) this course every time you have to create a marketing promotion. At least, in the early days. (If you’re lazy—simply use the cheat sheet at the end of the course to guide you.) So you can burn this process into your mind. Once you do, you don’t need to consume this course as frequently. Return to it every now and then. (Maybe once or twice a year.) And you’ll have all you need to strike it BIG.

Get started now!